Pyrite with Calcite | 黃鐵礦與方解石共生 (88 grams)

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Weight: 88 Grams
Width: 57.5 mm
Pyrite is a strong defensive stone, while Calcite is known for it’s cleansing qualities. With both stones in one you have a very effective protective stone as your daily companion.
Pyrite is an excellent energy shield, it blocks out negative energy and pollutants at all levels. It is a very positive stone which helps you overcome the feeling of inadequacy. It facilitates tapping Into abilities and stimulate the flow of ideas. Placing a piece of Pyrite on the desk can energise the area around it. It is helpful when planning large business concepts.
Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Simply having Calcite in the room cleans negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy. Within the body, it removes stagnant energy.
Origin: Bulgaria
  • Relieves anxiety and frustration to boost self-worth and confidence
  • Improves memory and recall
  • Expand and structure mental capabilities, balancing instinct with intuition, creativity with analysis
  • Place at desk or under pillow


  • Connects the emotions with the intellect, creating emotional intelligence
  • Has a positive effect especially where someone has lost hope or motivation and alleviates emotional  stress
  • Combats laziness, aiding in becoming more energetic on all levels and confers the ability to change ideas into action
  • A useful stone for study as it calms the mind, teaches discernment and analysis, stimulates insights, and boosts memory
  • A stabilising stone, enhancing trust in oneself and  strengthening the ability to overcome setbacks
  • Cleanses, balances, and energises all the chakras


重量: 88克
闊度: 57.5 毫米

黃鐵礦是一個能量強大的防護罩,能夠阻擋各種負能量和污染物。它亦是一顆充滿正能量的晶石,可以幫助我們提昇自信並發掘潛能,激發小宇宙。 將一塊黃鐵礦放在工作間能為四周注滿活力,因此在構思重要業務計劃時非常有幫助。 
產地: 保加利亞
  • 幫助減輕焦慮和挫折感,提高自我價值和自信
  • 提高記憶力
  • 提昇心理質素,助你在靈感與直覺之間、或創造力與分析之間取得平衡
  • 適宜放在桌子上或枕頭下


  • 將情感與理智聯繫起來,創造情商
  • 在失去希望或動力時起積極作用並減輕情緒壓力
  • 對抗懶惰,有助於在各個層面上變得更有活力,並賦予我們將思想轉變為行動的能力
  • 對學習非常有用;它可以使人心緒平靜,提升分析能力,帶來卓見並增強記憶力
  • 穩定自我,增強對自己的信任和克服挫折的能力
  • 潔淨,平衡和為所有脈輪注入能量