Green Opal | 綠色蛋白石

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Weight: 54 grams
Size: 30.6 x 57.9 mm
Green Opal is known as the Stone of Fairies as it gives people the feeling of imagination, as though we have reconnected with our childhood. Regardless of age, this energising stone reminds us that youth and its carefree nature are always within reach. This stone is all about the heart, it nourishes and rejuvenates emotional struggles. It is highly recommended for healing trauma, grief or any hurtful relationship, giving us strength and encourage to move forward and rebuild.  
It can also calm us down during hyper-emotional times and slow our minds. For those who struggle to calm during meditations, meditating with Green Opal repeatedly will help us fully open and cleanse our hearts of all unwanted emotions.
Origin: Madagascar
  • Promotes emotional recovery and aids relationships
  • Cleanses the heart chakra to allow us to experience but not be ruled by emotion and strengthen relationships
  • Clears blockages in the third eye chakra which help us to think clearly and with purpose
  • Connects the heart and third eye chakras, supports us in learning how to act with both thought and feeling
  • Help us feel inspired and in-tune with our work when creating art



重量: 54克

尺寸: 30.6 x 57.9 毫米








  • 促進情緒修復,改善人際關係
  • 潔淨心輪,讓我們理性地主宰情感,從而改善人際關係
  • 清除眉心輪的阻塞,令我們思路清晰
  • 連接心輪和眉心輪,幫助我們學習如何思考和感受
  • 幫助我們在創作藝術時靈感綻放,將自己和作品融合為一