Golden Hair Rutilated Quartz | 金鈦晶

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Weight: 25 grams
This stone is usually known as the “Hair of Venus”’ due to the golden rutilates inside the clear Quartz. It’s also known for being a stone of wealth, 
the golden colour itself symbolise luck, money, and prosperity.
  • Helps clearing out any energy blockage of all chakras
  • Works particularly well with Solar Plexus
  • Amplifies and magnifies the energies of any other crystals touching it
  • Helps strengthening motivation and will power
  • Helps bringing all the good things that you want in life including manifesting wealth and money
  • Allows you to use your energy to manifest prosperity and abundance in life

重量: 25 克
  • 清除所有脈輪的阻塞
  • 對應太陽輪使用效果最佳
  • 能增加鄰近水晶的能量
  • 增強行動力和意志力
  • 助你實現心中理想,包括財富和金錢
  • 讓您用自己的能量來獲得豐盛與富足的生活