Blue Apatite | 藍色磷灰石

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Weight: 1kg

Diameter: 114.5mm

Appearance: Blue opaque stone

Attribute: Blue Apatite connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance. It facilitates public speaking, enhances group communication and opens the throat chakra.

Apatite is a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian attitude inclining towards service. It is attuned to the future yet connects to past lives. It helps deepening mediation and aids communication and self-expression on all levels.

Psychologically it increases motivation and induces openness and social ease, encouraging extroversion and draws off negativity about oneself and others.

Chakra: Blue Apatite opens the throat charka and facilitates results when used with other crystals.

Use: Hold during mediation or place as appropriate.

The following are included with your purchase as compliment -

  • A marble stand for the crystal sphere: With this item you will receive a white marble stand with 10cm width and 3.5cm height
  • Sticks of Sage wood for crystal cleansing