Amazonite | 天河石

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Weight: 54 grams
Size: 48.1 mm
Amazonite is known as one of the best calming stone, it helps to ease worry, fear and stress. It is also a balancing stone for your masculine and feminine sides. It works particularly well with the throat chakra, great for communication and helps you to express yourself and increase assertiveness.  
In Ancient Egyptians, Amazonite was known as “Neshmet” or “Heseg”, they collect them in the mountains of Gabel Hafafit on the Red Sea Coast for the use as decorations in the palaces and tombs of the Pharaohs. A chapter of the Book of the Dead called the Judgment of Osiris, which guided ancient Egyptians through death and into the afterlife, was engraved on Amazonite.
Amazonite is generally a light green gemstone, the color green represents growth, new-life, renewal, spring and balance while the more blue colors suggest calmness, clear thinking, creativity, inspiration and self-sufficiency.
  • Helps clearing your mind and guide your focus on achieving your goals and dreams
  • Aids creativity and imaginative side, perfect for anyone with artistic ambitions 
  • Encourages adventure, love, inspiration, and free speech
  • Cool heads to conquer impulse buying and decisions allowing you to keep control of your finances
  • Calm the environment and dispel any negative energies nearby
重量: 54 克
尺寸: 48.1毫米
天河石是公認最好的鎮定石之一,有助於緩解憂慮,恐懼和壓力。 它亦能幫助平衝我們男性化和女性化的兩面。由於對應喉輪的關係,天河石能幫助我們改善溝通,表達自我,並變得更有說服力。
在古埃及時期,天河石被稱為“Neshmet” 或 “Heseg”。人們多在紅海海岸的Gabel Hafafit山區採集此石,以作法老王宮和墓中的裝飾品之用。死者之書是當時古埃及人用作了解從死亡到來生之旅的指南,其中刻有《奧西里斯的審判》(Osrisdment of Osiris)的一章便是雕刻在天河石上。
  • 助我們清𥇦頭腦,能夠專注於實現目標和夢想
  • 激發創造力和想像力,非常適合從事藝術的人
  • 鼓勵冒險精神,大愛,靈感和言論自由
  • 控制購買慾,減少衝動性購買,使我們能更好地掌握自己的財務狀況
  • 消除負能量,令環境變得平靜