Aura Reading

If you need help picking the right crystal, please reach out to us for a complimentary Aura Reading.


  • Send us a recent and clear photo with a message of your intention through live chat , e.g. improve communication, better sleep, having a tool to help with mediation or simply a blessing. It can be a photo of yourself or the person you wish to gift the crystal to.
  • We will reply with the reading of your Aura and provide suggestions based on the reading and your needs


Please message us through live chat on the website, Facebook or Instagram! 




  • 通過即時對話提供一張自己或收禮人的清晰近照,簡述這次挑選水晶的用意。例如改善溝通能力,睡眠質素,輔助冥想或純粹送上一份祝福。
  • 我們會根據以上為您進行一個簡單的氣場分析以及個人化的水晶選擇

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