Palm Stone Two Pieces Bundle

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We are offering a bundle offer when you buy two or three stones, get the whole collection for you and your loved ones!


The Lover | Rose Quartz with the Lotus

Our love stone with the symbol of a Thousand Petal Lotus. When we talk about love, we often think about our love for someone we are attracted to, our children, our family or our friends. Most of the time, we forget the relationship with ourselves is the most important one, we must love ourselves first before loving others. Otherwise, how do we pour when our glass is empty? Not only will the Rose Quartz help you attract and emit love energy, it will also remind you to fill yourself with self-love and forgiveness when you are judgemental of yourself. Just like the Thousand Petal Lotus, love is powerful, everlasting and pure. Imagine the energy of the Lotus and the stone flowing through your body as you hold it in your palm. It is here to cheer you on and filling you with warm, beaming love.


The Protector | Black Tourmaline and the Moon Cycle

Our protective stone, made of the powerful protector Black Tourmaline. It acts as a shield to block off unwanted energies, keeping your spirit and space in light. The mystic Moon Cycle reminds you to set intentions following the nature of the Moon, letting the Moon energy work in your favour. The best time to set protection is when the Moon is waning, it is the time when the Moon changes from full to new. As the Moon light decreases, set your intention for the negativity to fade with the dimming Moonlight. When the new Moon comes, it is then time to manifest new beginnings and growth, bringing yourself a future of hope and brightness, like the full Moon itself when your wishes are realised.


The Tranquil | Howlite and the Dove

We could all use a bit of calmness and inner peace after a year like this! Howlite is a calming stone that is grounding and helps to release stress and anxiety. It can help with insomnia by calming an overactive mind, giving you a restful night of sleep. The Dove is the symbol of hope and peace, it is also the messager of the Spirit, reminding us to live with purpose and calmness. To feel the tranquility of the stone and have a good night’s sleep, put the stone next to your bed, hold it in your hand as you sleep or place it under your pillow. It can also cleanse your mind of chaotic thoughts, allowing you to fully immerse in your meditation.


About the Stone

Each Palm Stones are delicately wrapped in wooden boxes with our very own original innerkeeper labels. Each Stones are 6 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick with polished round edges, fits perfectly in your palm.