Limonite Quartz | 褐鐵礦

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Weight: 71 grams
Size: 24.2 x 65.5 mm
A multi-functional stone that provides great healing and cleansing of body, aura and mind. Aligns with solar plexus and sacral chakra, it helps gently release any tension or unwanted negative energy. 
Also known as the master healer, the stone reaches the highest level of vibration that your body can perceive and process, this increases the vibration of the body so that it can clean old blockages and foreign energies from outside and ensures a restoration of the body’s natural balance and harmony.
Golden healer cleans the aura field and has it filled with a beautiful, golden healing light. This light breaks through into the cell structure so that you can let go of old patterns. 
The stone aligns all chakras again on one line and balances the yin yang energies. It is claimed by some that the golden healer brings the Christ consciousness on earth and within us and activates the chakras to merge our consciousness with the divine will. It cleanses all organs, stimulates the immune system, brings the body into balance and provides energy.