Clear Quartz with Calcite | 白水晶與方解石共生

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Weight: 33 grams

Size:  32 mm

Quartz crystal is the healing crystal. It can channel any type of energy and will help in all healing situations. If you’re stuck or unsure which crystal to work with, then turn to quartz because, although there will often be a different and more beneficial crystal to help a specific condition, quartz will help everything.
Calcite  is  a  powerful  amplifier and  cleanser  of  energy. Simply  having  Calcite  in the  room  cleans  negative  energies  from  the environment  and  heightens your energy.  Within  the  body,  it  removes stagnant  energy. 
Clear Quartz
  • A feel-better stone—it improves your quality of life, makes you feel happier, and re-energizes you in all situations
  • Channels any energy, so helps any condition
  • Focuses the mind, aids meditation, and relieves negativity
  • Works with all chakras and all astrology signs
  • Connects the  emotions  with  the  intellect, creating emotional  intelligence
  • Has  a  positive  effect especially where  someone  has  lost  hope  or  motivation and alleviates  emotional  stress
  • Combats  laziness,  aiding in  becoming  more  energetic  on  all  levels and confers the ability  to  change  ideas  into action
  • A useful  stone  for study  as it calms the  mind, teaches  discernment  and  analysis, stimulates  insights,  and  boosts  memory
  • A stabilising stone,  enhancing trust  in  oneself  and  strengthening the  ability  to overcome  setbacks
  • Cleanses,  balances,  and  energizes  all the  chakras
重量: 33 克
尺寸: 32 毫米
白水晶是一種療癒的晶石,它可以傳導任何類型的能量,並能幫助各種情況的治療。 如果不確定要選擇哪種晶石,選白水晶就總沒錯,因為它可說是一顆萬能石,對任何情況都有幫助。
  • 令人感覺良好的晶石—改善生活品質,讓人感到更快樂,並在任何情況下都能為我們注滿能量
  • 能傳導各種不同的能量,從而對任何事情都能作出幫助
  • 令人精神集中,幫助冥想,減輕消極情緒
  • 適用於所有脈輪和星座
  • 將情感與理智聯繫起來,創造情商
  • 在失去希望或動力時起積極作用,並減輕情緒壓力
  • 對抗懶惰,有助於在各個層面上變得更有活力,並賦予我們將思想轉變為行動的能力
  • 對學習非常有用;它可以使人心緒平靜,提升分分析能力,帶來卓見並增強記憶力
  • 穩定自我,增強對自己的信任和克服挫折的能力
  • 潔淨,平衡和為所有脈輪注入能量