Lotus | 蓮

Everything carries frequency. Each word, each thought and each symbol, all have its own associated energy. 
In this post, we will explore into sacred symbols and the metaphorical meaning behind it.
Starting with Lotus, one of our favorite symbols.
Both Hindu and Egyptian cultures chose the lotus to symbolize the eternal journey of the Soul. like the lotus, rises from the muddy depths, representing all the pain and ignorance that we seem to endure on our path to enlightenment. 
As the lotus pushes up toward the light, it blossoms into the thousandpetal lotus, a symbol of the crown chakra, which allows us to connect with our divine Self as we awaken into the light of our own being.
How to use and unlock the energy of the symbol? 
You must learn how to tune in to the energy pattern to utilize the symbol.  Naturally, the use of a symbol on an object does not activate its energy; consciousness must do that.  
Using the symbol is easy, you can either draw it the symbol to something you wear often, or find an item with the symbol on it, carry it with you in the wallet or bag or meditate on it to activate the energy. 
說到標誌,不得不提及印度教和古埃及文化中常見的蓮花。蓮花作為一個神聖標誌,象徵着的就是靈魂永恆不止的旅程。而蓮花棲身的泥濘就像人們於啟蒙路上難免會遇到的掙扎和挫折一樣; 若然要尋得光明,少不免要經過各種歴練才能衝出淤泥,綻放成美麗的花朵。