From Inner Keeper to Geminology Society

To all innerkeepers,

Thank you for being part of the journey that is Inner Keeper, which will now continue on as Geminology Society (GemSo).

Inner Keeper was started as a platform to share intimate and spiritual stories. As we grow, instead of simply sharing, we wish to also engage and connect with people who are interested in spirituality and light.

With GemSo, we will continue to share stories that touch hearts and knowledge on spirituality. We will also serve through offering Akashic Record, Tarot reading and Reiki healing which are all by donations, to us or a charity of your choice. We have also created a range of crystals and more in our original designs, with the intention to aid your spiritual journey.

Follow us, join us in love and light. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!

Team Geminology Society