About the Crystals - How to work with them?

About the Crystals

Crystal Spheres
Crystals have great healing energy. The shape of the crystal changes its frequency: the more symmetrical the crystal, the higher the frequency. 
We have handpicked all spheres to start off with, as spheres being the most symmetrical shape, crystal spheres emit a powerful, high-frequency healing energy which can be used in a variety of situations, we believe it can emit the most harmony and positivity. 
The shape of a sphere is perfect and held sacred, all points are the same distance away from the center, making it a pure expression of unity, integrity and completeness. It allows energies to radiate in all directions at once, making them a great choice for many intentions. 

How to work with crystals? 
Crystals are high vibrational items that can transform the energy in a space.
Sometimes most of us experience something feels off about a space, regardless of how much effort we put in keeping the room clean and well illuminated. Everything is energy, the universe is made of energy. When encountered negative vibes, sometimes adding crystals might help because of their extraordinary ability to transform and transmit energy. 

Setting intentions 
Intention is an important factor in the usefulness of crystals and crystal spheres. 
Find a crystal sphere that speaks to you and set your intentions, place it in your space and feel the shift in energy. 

Raise the Vibration of your Workplace by Keeping Crystals on Your Office Desk! Place a crystal sphere in the workplace to harness and focus energy that is chaotic and boost productivity. 
This placement can increase luck, money flow and create mental clarity. 
We recommend 
1) Clear Quartz to help stay focused. This clear crystal reminds you to clear your mind and zero in on your priorities.
2) Amethyst For those unavoidably stressful situations, use amethyst to help you get back to a place of calm and relaxation. It may guide you away from tense thoughts
3) Rose Quartz for the soft and gentle energy to help you remember to be compassionate and kind to yourself and others, easing relationships with others 
4) Pyrite associated with attracting money and wealth into your life. When you are looking to strike gold, work with pyrite to help you focus on bringing opportunities to fruition. 
5) Shungite for anyone working with or near technology, crystal shamans recommend the energy from shungite as a reminder to balance technology with nature.

Crystals have the ability to amplify the resonance within you, and channel and increase the frequency of your energy. Holding crystal spheres in your hands or introducing them to a crystal grid for the duration of your meditation practice can greatly increase your ability to drop deeper into the meditation and reap the benefits of a nourishing meditation. 

Stress Relief and Self Massage
Crystal spheres are the perfect shape for self-massage and reflexology, so take advantage of their ability to roll over your tight muscles where you hold tension and stress. Using some light to moderate pressure, rolling crystal spheres over the areas of your body holding stress helps relax you two-fold; on a physical level and energetically. Clear Quartz is great for this because it's the Master Healer and can tolerate being washed with water afterwards.