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About Geminology Society

Welcome to Geminology Society (GemSo). We are a team of three with the goal of bringing people together through spirituality. Inspired by our own spiritual journeys and grateful for different people and tools that had helped us along the way, we want to be here and offer the same to you, for the help was so needed when we were just beginning.

歡迎來到 Geminology Society (GemSo)。在靈性旅程上遇到不少的人和物,各種經歷令我們三人得到啟發,從而創立GemSo,目的為了凝聚同在路上的大家。感激當初還是初哥時受到各種的幫助,希望今天的我們同樣能照亮大家未來的旅程。 

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